What We Do

People’s Perceptions, Preferences, and Priorities in real-time.

Important decisions are being made every day.

With or without your views in it.

… and these decisions impact your way of life.

You are not being counted unless you say something.

Click in your views.

On what matters to you.

Our Vision

at one of the largest European TEDx events.

Everyone’s views on everyday issues.

Should people of Glasgow also have a say in Cop26 Climate talk?
Should the slavery statues be moved to the museums?
Would you say climate change is one of the world’s top 5 challenges?

Who We Are

Say As You Go is an award winning technology and the count of what people think in realtime. Collaborating with Cognitive Big Data Laboratory. Supported by Scottish Enterprise.

Supported by Scottish Enterprise SMART award
Collaborating with the University of Edinburgh's Computer Informatics & Data Visualisation
Semi Finalist of the 2020 Converge Challenge